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NEW! eXposed Lug Series
Cover-Loc Knock Off Options
hex knock off

The new eXposed Lug Series are made from aerospace grade forged aluminum ally and employ the same precision manufacturing techniques. Each new wheel also maintains the same level of quality and detail you’ve come to expect...
See the American eXL
See the Mod 5 eXLl
See the Octane eXL

The F-10 is the newest addition to the Cover-Loc Series of wheels. Besides the new design itself, the F-10 incorporates a new spindle cap, center nut and cover plate profile that gives it a look you’d might expect to see on a world class super car or hot rod.
See the new F-10...
Optional 3-Bar Knock Off and Hex Nut Knock Off’s are also options for any Cover-Loc wheel., Axiom, Bullet, F-10, G5, Modsport, Velocity, Venom wheels.
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